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Pocket Square

A pocket square is a square cloth that is worn in the pocket of the jacket. It gives your suit or jacket that little bit extra! If it is well folded and fits in the style that suits you and the rest of your outfit.

Casual or chique?

Within the collection of The Society Shop you will find pocket squares in various materials, colors and designs of the Profuomo brand. Cotton and linen give your outfit a casual look. A silk pocket square is suitable for a chic dinner or special occasion. The pocket square must be aligned with the rest of your set. It is important that the pocket square never, never matches the tie. Incidentally, it is not mandatory to wear it in combination with a tie or bow.

The right folding technique

You do not not simply crumble your pocket square into the breast pocket, but fold it in one of the different ways. If you are going for a formal occasion, then formally fold it into a tight square. However, you can use the casual folding technique for a party.

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