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Shoes. The item that completes every outfit. We walk on them for hours and therefore they must be of high quality. With SOC13TY dress shoes, you will not only feel the comfort of the shoes, you will also feel confident. In addition to dress shoes, we also offer trendy sneakers by SOC13TY, WAHTS and Corneliani.

Luxury and comfort

Within the shoes at The Society Shop there is no real distinction between luxury, comfort and style. All our shoes are made of high-quality materials and therefore don’t only look trendy and nice, they are also a pleasure to wear.


The Society Shop offers a variety of shoe models. For example, the neat lace-up shoe and buckle shoe to pair with a business suit, the suede loafers for a smooth smart-casual look and the leather or suede sneaker to pair with jeans for a smart-casual look. Hence, The Society Shop ensures enough choice for everyone and every occasion.

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