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The Separates


Our slim fit separates allow you to buy a jacket separately from the trousers. This makes it possible to combine various sizes to get closer to that perfect fit. You can also increase the durability of your suit by purchasing an extra pair of pants

The Separates


These suits are made of Merino Super 130's high twist, woven by the Italian weaving company Guabello. A very special fabric that is both luxurious and durable.

Merino Super 130’s High Twist

Merino wool stands for the sheep breed whose wool is shaved. This type of wool is seen as one of the best types of wool in the world. The fiber is thin, strong, resilient and the wire hardly pills. Super 130s stands for the fineness of the thread. With only 1 kilo of wool you can spin 130 km of thread. The finer the thread, the nicer and softer the fabric will feel. The High Twist fabric is also spun, meaning that the thread has been twisted even more so that it is stronger and harder.

  • Merino sheep wool is the best wool in the world.
  • High twisted wool is stronger and harder.


The fabric is woven by the Italian weaving mill Guabello, located in Biella. This company was founded in 1815 and therefore has more than two centuries of knowledge and experience. Guabello is known as the specialist in the field of Merino wool. All fabrics are still checked manually.

Guabello has more than two centuries of knowledge and experience in the field of Merino wool.

The Separates


At The Society Shop we think sustainability and quality are both extremely important. You will not only see these aspects in our clothing, you will also feel them. An important part of a jacket is the inside, the layer between the lining and the outer fabric.

  • Buttons made of 100% genuine mother-of-pearl.
  • Semi-Canvas interior

Semi-Canvas interior

The inside of a jacket contains a flexible semi (half) canvas interior that has been specially developed for these suits. Canvas is a mix of linen, cotton, horse and/or goat hair. This unique mix of materials ensure that the interior molds itself to the body. The materials breathe, absorb moisture and are strong.

In addition to this high-quality interior, the suit has a number of unique details. The suit has AMF stitching which ensures an authentic, elegant and formal look. The buttons are made of 100% genuine mother-of-pearl and the lining has a luxurious combination with an off-white truffle color.

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